New Premises for an Old Favourite

Our much-loved partners Audi Centre Fourways have relocated to a magnificent, state-of-the-art new premises and is now known as Audi Centre Bryanston. Continuing with the legacy of  being lead by a generous, knowledgeable and supportive Dealer Principal, new DP Thembinkosi Pantsi is the ideal fit for this exciting new move! The world-class service we are accustomed to from Audi Centre will be showcased at our Women Torque Workshop in the month of June this year.

A familiar favourite on South African roads in the Hatchback segment is the every-stylish, always-impressive Audi A3 Hatchback. Having gone through numerous generations and upgrades over the year, the latest A3 is a powerful contender in this segment due to the brilliant combination of athletic attitude and stylish design.

The Concept:

Although no longer manufactured as a 3-door Hatchback, the A3 is still available as the popular 5-door Sportback, or the bigger Sedan. Designed to marry the excitement of a powerhouse engine with a beautiful, premium feel, the A3 in particular is popular for its racy, exciting personality – a vehicle for everyone, including families, bachelorettes and even the young professional.

The Looks:

Still maintaining its characteristic classy shape, the A3 has that sleek, aggressive look from the front that I just adore on an Audi (my hubby affectionately calls it the “Bavaria-grin”) – an Audi always just look so capable and confident and it really filters through to me when I sit in the driver’s seat. The A3 Hatch is well-sized for smaller vehicle, with generous space on the inside (high-quality cloth upholstery as standard). It’s a perfect combination of convenience and luxury, and I absolutely love how it looks and feels.

The Feel:

Audi has never disappointed me with interior design – it’s always classy, always elegant and always has high-quality finishes. The A3 is no different – beautifully laid out with soft-touch materials and an ergonomic, smart dashboard that exudes a sense of purpose. So typical of the brand’s thoughtful design, sitting in the driver’s seat of an A3 makes you feel at once very professional (even in your soccer-mom gear), and – if you are cheeky like me – just a little daring. There is great visibility all around, and the classy touches all around give off a really executive vibe.

The Features:

The Audi range really promotes value for money, because the standard features – which include on-board technology, comfort and safety – are usually things you pay extra for in other brands, such as an on-board computer, daytime driving lights, light sensor, cruise control, climate control and alloy wheels. In terms of safety, 7 airbags are included as standard (and can even be upgraded to 9) as well as brake assist, EBD, ESP and ABS – lots of abbreviations that simply translate to this being a superbl, safe vehicle to drive. The A3 also has parking sensors in the front and rear, as well as park assist which actually lets the vehicle park itself. A gorgeous panoramic glass sunroof adds to the ambience, and the brilliant Sound System that is included will definitely get your blood pumping. I love the MI System that pops out of the dashboard at start up, giving you the option to display or be reintegrated into dashboard at the touch of a button.

The Drive:

The variant I took for a spin, the 1.4 TSI has a powerful turbo engine that gives out 110 kW of power and an economic-yet-thrilling 250 Nm torque. I love the smooth automatic gear changes and the option to tap the gears up or down as an S-tronic. The A3 boasts superior handling ability which means it corners like a dream, with excellent road-holding and gravity. I love the powerful surge at take-off and the low, growling engine that just floats through traffic with reflexive responses. There is nothing about this drive that I don’t like!

The Score:

Although I am possibly a little biased towards this incredible brand (my twelve-year old A3 still purrs like a tiger), I am confident in my assessment of the excellence of this vehicle. For this we give it a score of 8.5 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

The awesome A3 is on show at Audi Centre Bryanston – keep an eye out for information on their official launch!

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