Sublime Sedan

The quintessential family vehicle, the sedan, has been perfected by the Audi brand – available from the dynamic Audi Centre Fourways Dealership, Dealer Principal Martin Nunes and his knowledgeable team are eagerly waiting to show it off to you. Assisted by Sales Manager Beleisha Moolman, this Dealership strives to uphold their philosophies of integrity and exceptional client service.

The Guide:

A truly welcoming individual, Sales Executive Jolien Smit’s friendly smile opens the door to a young woman with a truly exceptional work ethic: striving to win the Silver Arrow Award for best sales-person in South Africa, Jolien loves the sophistication, innovation and sporty edge inherent to the Audi brand.

The Concept:

A magnificent sedan, spacious and luxurious, with the legendary engines of the Audi range that hint at sporty power.

The Looks:

From its first incarnation many years back, the A4 has been sleek and well-rounded, and in its latest shape, is even more appealing. Lovely, languid lines are physical evidence of the smooth way the vehicle slips through traffic, and the modern touches to the rear light cluster design are testimony to the way the designers remain relevant and fresh. This is a really good-looking car.

The Feel:

What I love about the A4 is the way it feels luxurious without being gaudy or ostentatious. It is classically and tastefully appointed, spacious and comfortable, and not clustered with unnecessary stuff – in my opinion, everything that I need and want is right where I want it. There are convenient nooks and crannies and cupholders to keep my morning Java within reach. I feel quite posh in this vehicle, to be honest, and with the added bonus of a great engine, I feel just a tad cheeky too.

The Features:

The entry level A4 is pretty impressive, air con with climate control, autodim interior, cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity are all included as standard on the 1.4 TFSI. LED daytime running lights give it that eagerly assertive look, and with the option of having a leather interior, this feels more like a sports car than just your average sedan. 6 airbags and a full house of electronic stability systems make this vehicle really safe as well.

The Drive:

The 1.4 litre turbodiesel engine is matched to a 7-speed automatic gearbox (the 1.4 TFSI S-tronic variant means you have the luxury of the smoothly functioning automatic, but the racier edge of being able to “switch up” or “down” yourself by tapping the gear lever or steering wheel paddles, when in “manual mode”). This works like a charm and I secretly got a huge kick out of feeling like a Formula 1 driver. When not pushing the limits though, the A4 is velvety and almost gentle, using an efficient 4.9 litres of fuel, per 100 kilometres. I loved that I could engage with this drive and really dictate how I want the car to perform, whilst having the benefit of an automatic gearbox.

The Score:

The A4 is sheer brilliance and comfort, really upping the expectations of a sedan. We score it at 9 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:

This awesome sedan is on show at Audi Centre Fourways. Ask for Jolien Smit at the dealership to give you a first-hand Audi experience this Valentines month!

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