Audi Torque: Meet the Audi A3 Sedan

Superior Style, Superior Service
As a long-time fan of German-engineering (and having owned an Audi A3 myself) I am always eager to review this brand. Thanks to the Lindsay Saker group, I have had two wonderful Audi encounters recently, first with the awesome A4, and now with its baby sister, the A3 Sedan. Audi Centre Fourways, under the capable and expert leadership of Dealer Principal Martin Nunes, is where I go to get my Das Auto vibe on, and every time I do I am reminded of the warmth and hospitality that always greets me at the Dealership. A strong team, underscored by integrity and exceptional values modelled by Martin, is managed by Sales Manager Beleisha Moolman who I found to be an incredible, captivating woman in the industry.

The Guide:
Jolien Smit, passionate and determined Sales Executive who, for the past three years, has made it her personal mission to make her mark on the industry. Earning her International Certification within the minimum required time at Audi, Jolien’s aim is to win the Silver Arrow Award for the best sales-person in the country, and in her time with this dealership found her way into the top 5. With a deep love for the brand, Jolien feels a particular resonance with the sophistication, innovation and sportiness which Audi’s core ethos promotes.

The Concept:
Although no longer manufactured as a 3-door Hatchback, the A3 is still available as the popular 5-door Sportback, or the bigger Sedan. Designed marry the excitement of a powerhouse engine with a beautiful, premium feel, the A3 in particular is popular for its racy, exciting personality – a vehicle for everyone, including families, bachelorettes and even the young professional.

The Looks:
Still maintaining its characteristic classy shape, the A3 has that sleek, aggressive look from the front that I just adore on an Audi (my hubby affectionately calls it the “Bavaria-grin”) – Audi’s always just look so capable and confident, and it really filters through to me when I sit in the driver’s seat. The A3 Sedan is not bulky and seems slender in comparison, but feels roomy and elegant on the inside (high-quality cloth upholstery as standard). It’s a perfect combination of convenient and premium, and I absolutely love how it looks and feels.

The Feel:
Audi has never disappointed me with interior design – it’s always classy, always elegant and always has high-quality finishes. The A3 is no different – beautifully laid out with soft-touch materials and an ergonomic, smart dashboard that exudes a sense of purpose. So typical of the brand’s thoughtful design, sitting in the driver’s seat of an A3 makes you feel at once very professional (even in your soccer-mom gear), and – if you are cheeky like me – just a little daring. There is great visibility all around, and the classy touches all around give off a really executive vibe.

The Features:
My guide, Jolien, believes that Audi vehicles promote value for money because the standard features, on-board technology, comfort and safety of any Audi are usually things you pay extra for in other brands. This includes on-board computer, daytime driving lights, light sensor, cruise control, climate control and alloy wheels. In terms of safety, 7 airbags are included as standard (and can even be upgraded to 9) as well as brake assist, EBD, ESP and ABS – lots of abbreviations that simply translate to a superbly safe vehicle to drive. The A3 also has parking sensors in the front and rear, as well as park assist which actually lets the vehicle park itself. A gorgeous panoramic glass sunroof adds to the ambience, and the brilliant Sound System that’s included will definitely get your blood pumping. I love the MI System that pops out of the dashboard at start up, giving you the option to display or be reintegrated into dashboard at the touch of a button.

The Drive:
The variant I took for a spin, the 1.4 TSI has a powerful turbo engine that gives out 110 kW of power and an economic-yet-thrilling 250 Nm torque. I love the smooth automatic gearchanges and the option to tap the gears up or down as an S-tronic. The A3 boasts superior handling ability which means it corners like a dream, with excellent road-holding and gravity. I love the powerful surge at take-off and the low, growling engine that just floats through traffic with reflexive responses. There is nothing about this drive that I don’t like!

The Score:
Although I am possibly a little biased towards this incredible brand (having owned an older model A3 myself), I am confident in my assessment of the excellence of this vehicle. For this we give it a score of 8.5 crowns out of 10.

Where to Find It:
The awesome A3 is on show at Audi Centre Fourways. Ask for Jolien Smit at the dealership to give you a first-hand Audi experience!

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